Listing Category: SPX 2013 Debut

Nixon Museum – My Own Petard: Book Two

Art Baxter visits the Nixon Museum, where absurd images of the disgraced 37th president of the United States abound. Once there, memories of the turbulent 1968 presidential election bloom as he encounters his old elementary school frienemy, Kurt Dortmund. This crazy obsessive odyssey includes an intermission for a bathroom break. Color cover & b&w interior – More Info »

Flesh Sequence

Flesh Sequence is a collection of works by Oakland-based artist and illustrator, Niv Bavarsky, that deals with bodily abstraction, clutter and mass, subtle violence, and the absurd infinite. The 7″ x 9″ book has a silver on black silk-screened cover, purple-on-pink risographed interior, and full-color insert. Published by Get Lost Press in 2013.

Foxing Quarterly 3

Foxing Quarterly is  print-only literary and arts journal from Austin, Texas. Issue 3 features comics by Michael DeForge, Nathan Bulmer and Jen Lee. Plus sketchbook excerpts by Dash Shaw.

Knee Deep & Losing Sleep #6

The sixth installment of Nick Iluzada’s Knee Deep & Losing Sleep series. Issue 6 acts as a testing ground for exercises in shape, sexuality, and genealogy. KD&LS6 is half-letter-sized and laser printed by Get Lost Press in 2013.


Enters “MOTHER”, the second issue of a trilogy of thematic antologies that Delebile started one year ago with the book “HOME”. A bunch of young authors interprets the theme “mother”, in a collection of unpublished short stories that features works by: Sam Alden | Bianca Bagnarelli | Ilaria Boscia | Paolo Cattaneo | Sophia Foster-Dimino | Pierre Frampas | Aisha Franz | Sophie Franz | Lorenzo Ghetti |Alessandro Lise | Emanuele Messina |Alice Milani | Mauro More Info »

Journey to the Valley of Whispers

A new mini-comic from Molly Ostertag (Strong Female Protagonist, Tales of the Night Watchman Presents)! 6 pages

Time F*cker 2

Sal Ghesboro, also known as Time F*cker, finally got it right! When he time f*cked his brother, Dick, out of his life, he never would have imagined things turning out so well! He is happily married to the love of his life, the absolutely lovely Sally Lever! The bliss is fleeting, however, as Willy hops More Info »

MadInkBeard No.6

A comic made from chopped-up, edited, recolored, cropped, etc. versions of art that was sent to me by various comic artists over the past few years.

Behold the Killbot & Other Stories

A new anthology bringing together short comics including “Behold the Killbot,” a sad look at sad omnipotent robots, as narrated by Werner Herzog; “Ghost Bra;” “The Peep of Day or The Most Sadistic Children’s Book Ever Written,” and more.

Solid Sight

Solid Sight is a story told in stereograms—the viewer steps through an abandoned film roll, searching for the subject of the photographs, and finds only ghosts. “Solid Sight” is another way of saying stereopsis, the ability to perceive depth via binocular disparity. Basically, cross your eyes to make ‘em pop.