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Horrible Things

Sea Legs, the Walkabout Trout #1

This is the story of a fish with no name and no legs, and how a temp job for a witch changes both of those entirely! 18 pages, black and white, super cute

Lupa Cachula’s Life: Showing Stamina

Desert island trip via tropical storm; online dating; unlawful residency; package theft; this is Lupa Cachula’s Life.   This is a full color 16 page mini comic.


A tale of bloody revenge and shadowy magic unfolds on the strange and fantastic planet Ovoyyamar. Follow an alien duo and a horrid host of other vile and monstrous creatures as they creep, crawl, slither and lurk their ways into the treahorous and invisible jaws of the unspeakable fate that awaits them all! in the More Info »


A 32 page full color sketch zine by Celine Loup


Elisa and Julien are best friends and always have been. Late one summer afternoon, they discover the quiet, but important tests that a true friendship must endure. 12 pages, color.

Half Asleep Volume 3

At age 11 Ivy Lassette is the youngest student enrolled at the elite college, Ebony-Alerca. Ivy’s studies focus on Hypnology, an experimental discipline that teaches students how to access and inhabit their dream worlds with the same conscious control they experience in waking reality. Ivy’s world-renown and highly demanding professor also happens to be her More Info »

There Is a Cat on the Internet! A Diesel Sweeties Treasury

What is best in life? Cats and the Internet, of course. And when you put the two together, you have the third collection of Rich Stevens’ long-running and pioneering pixel comic, Diesel Sweeties! Watch as the Diesel Sweeties gang explores the two oft-debated questions in life: “Why is my internet not working?” and “What does More Info »

Black Metal Omnibvs

Shawn and Sam Stronghand are misunderstood twins with a mysterious lineage and a penchant for the darkest of metal. When they acquire the latest Frost Axe album and play it backwards their grim destiny is revealed. Empowered by the legendary sword of Atoll, the brothers set out on an epic quest to fulfill ancient prophecy More Info »

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