Listing Category: SPX 2014 Debut


Cartozia Tales #6

An SPX-exclusive early release! The newest issue of the acclaimed indie all-ages fantasy anthology! This issue features guest spots by Peter Wartman and Matt Wiegle & Sally Madden, along with stories by regular contributors including Jen Vaughn, Shawn Cheng, Lucy Bellwood, Tom Motley, Isaac Cates and Mike Wenthe, Lupi McGinty, and Sarah Becan. Also includes a board game designed More Info »

Trinadot 4

The Hadonic monastery on the remote island of Trinadot is strictly isolationist presenting quite a challenge for female foreign exchange student, Bea Depadua.

Incomplete Metamorphosis: Jenny Rockwell and the Menace of the Mothman

“I tried telling my parents what happened…they didn”t believe me. No one did. I know what I saw. Taking matters into my own hands, I’ve spent five years searching for the thing that killed my best friend…”


Seven-page book.  Parallel worlds:  work desk of the archaeological illustrator, landscapes of Troy, moments from myths.

King of the Playground

Second volume of sketchbook comics about school age kids and their stuff.  Stay awake during Guidance and find out what it takes to be a bully.

The Story of Cheese

Collected sketchbook comics about the kids and their cheese fetish.


A harrowing mini comic written by Josh Simmons (The Furry Trap) and drawn by James Romberger (Seven Miles a Second). 12 pages of torture. Black and Red ink brought to you by Oily Comics.


SPX debut! A boy obsessed with outer space meets an opportunity when a shooting ☆ falls to Earth. What does he see? Perfect bound // BW// 5.5 in x 8.5 in  // ~70 pages

Infinite Spiral Volume 1: Another World

“The Wizard of Oz” meets “Doctor Who” in the first volume of this Y.A. fantasy webcomic by Kristy Cunningham.