Listing Category: SPX 2014 Debut

Cartozia Tales #5

The fifth issue of the landmark indie all-ages fantasy anthology! This issue features guest spots by Corinne Mucha and Luke Pearson, as well as stories by regular contributors including Jen Vaughn, Shawn Cheng, Lucy Bellwood, Tom Motley, Isaac Cates and Mike Wenthe, Lupi McGinty, and Sarah Becan. Cover by Eleanor Davis. 36 pages. Every copy More Info »

Animal Chronicles: Book Two

Animal Chronicles is a series based on the aftermath of a solar flare barely passing by Earth causing animals to fuse with objects in their vicinity during the catastrophic event. Animals were interviewed about their new transformation. © 2014 Joe Carabeo and Carolyn Belefski  

Weird Me (Vol. 1)

Weird Me (Vol. 1): Once upon a time, I was a moderately successful webmaster of a “Weird Al” Yankovic fan site.

Dirty Diamonds #5: Comics

Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl comic anthology. This issue’s theme is COMICS – stories about the best, worst, and first experiences with comics!

The Index No. 6: Woolf

The sixth issue in an ongoing comic serial that follows John and Susan through historical dreamscapes as they struggle to build a universal index. In this issue Virginia Woolf thwarts Susan’s quest for meaning with tragedy and literary devices. B&W, 5.5″ x 7.5″, 16 pages

Maple Key Comics, no. 3

Comics Anthology

Donut Lotto

A diorama comic by Cuddles and Rage about the dangerous downsides encountered by Donut after winning the lottery.

Corporate Dog

Corporate Dog is a 10-strip minicomic about office politics and break room diatribes. And a dog.

1000 Years in Hell

Humanity has failed! The rapture has begun! The Prince of Darkness has appeared and his presence has summoned scores of demons and monsters. The few people that still live have been reduced to playthings for these creatures to use in their strange rituals and experiments. Now the last hope for mankind rests with a lone pacifist on a dangerous journey to the Dark Lord’s lair. It will take all of his resolve and cunning to face the horrors ahead and attempt to free a world that is fated to toil in 1000 years of darkness!

Vym, the drag magazine, preview issue

The House of Velour presents it\\\’s first publication: Vym, an art magazine about drag.