Listing Category: SPX 2015 Debut

Frontier #9: Becca Tobin

Frontier #9: Becca Tobin is the newest issue of our ongoing (Ignatz Award-nominated) monograph series, Frontier! This issue features the beautiful watercolor comics of Becca Tobin!

Cooking with Dr. Taquito

Dr. Taquito is bringing his evil ways to SPX in the form of awesome cooking tips! Learn how to keep avocado fresh through suffocation, how to peel the skin off of ginger and more with Dr. T’s 20 tip mini comic.

Rem Pt. 2

A queer forays into unknown woods.

The Gulf # 4: All You Can Eat

The Gulf is a multimedia comic that elliptically chronicles the past and present of a Vietnamese-American family.

Stray: Issue One

An emotional and philosophical examination of the tragedy at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. STRAY:Issue One collects personal reactions to the Columbine tragedy through the eyes of two artists. We share our unique exploration in this free form compendium of writings, paintings, linoprints, illustrations, design and photography


A short story about a New Yorker who looks remarkably like the cartoonist traveling to New Mexico.

OUTWARD – Chapter One

Outward: An ongoing series of stories about isolation, hedonism, and survival on the knife edge of an endless frontier. An SPX exclusive, the first chapter is released at the same time as the webcomic, to be updated weekly with more stories about (but not exclusively): Ghosts Knife fights Conestoga wagon chase scenes Bicycles Super Strength More Info »

I’m Fine

“Certainly, you’ll have to find a healthy way to cope, High Magus.”

Street Angel: Ninjatech

Street Angel, the world’s toughest superhero, declares war on the ninja-industrial giant, Ninjatech. This time it’s personal corporate.

Dee’s Dream #2: Solar Return

This is the second issue of the comedy-drama comic series Dee’s Dream, which follows the adventures of the amateur post-punk alternative band by the same name. In this issue, Maury, the band’s drummer, has a big birthday coming. Will the gang make sure it will be one to remember? 20 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, More Info »