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Fauna Fairest: Issue #01 (Special SPX Edition)

Debuting at SPX 2016 is the first printed issue of Fauna Fairest, a colorful fantasy adventure about a girl made from magic, a battle between godlike princesses, and a perilous journey across a land twisted by a powerful curse. The story begins with a young girl named Fennela as she seeks out the help of More Info »

Terminal Velocity

Terminal Velocity: the highest speed attainable by an object falling through the air. A skydiver reaches Terminal Velocity within four seconds of freefall, achieving speeds of 120 mph. I was a licensed parachutist in my twenties, logging more than 75 jumps. It was one of the more exciting parts of my life but plenty of other odd and unusual things happened to me.

Floodgate Companion

Floodgate Companion is Robert Beatty’s debut monograph, a cosmic and immersive collection of artwork from the renowned album cover artist.

Happy Trails

“Happy Trails” is a 3-color experimental comic book/flip book, hand-crafted and Risographed by Scott Roberts. Read the story page-by-page as a comic, and also view the pages as flip book animations from both sides. The story follows three public servants as they work to make life better for the people. 112 pages, 5″ x 3.75″ Watch More Info »

How To: Dating & Relationships pt. 1

Men and women have been pairing up for as long as humans have existed, but why is it still so complicated and awkward? Cartoonist Ed Siemienkowicz shares his advice on dating from the ground up: the first move, what to say, consent, and DIRTY PICTURES.

Burn Your Demons Issue 2

When someone is sharing an intimate story with you, how much are you thinking about what face you are making? Read Burn Your Demons Issue 1 here.

Glamera #2

Your favorite glamorous turtle monster returns to defend his life from a rogue scientist/historian who’s out to steal the source of his glam by summoning the ghosts of the ancient Glamurai.

What Am I Doing Here?

What Am I Doing Here? is a startling masterwork by one of the forgotten innovators of American comics. In 1945, after more than a decade as a commercial illustrator—drawing advertisements and cartoons for Life, Time, Esquire, Newsweek, and many other publications—Abner Dean invented a genre all his own: One might call it the Existential Gag More Info »

Soft City

The legendary Norwegian artist Pushwagner’s scathing masterpiece—lost for decades, and never before published in the U.S.—Soft City is an epic vision of a single day in a world gone wrong: a brightly smiling, disturbingly familiar dystopia of towering skyscrapers, omnipresent surveillance, and endless distant war. “CLEAN BOMB THE HAPPY WAY,” blares the morning paper. “Heil More Info »

Gallant Adventures: Book One

Gallant Adventures is an oddball adventure comic full of treasure, excitement, and puns! Treasure Hunter, Mary Sunshine exits a roadside bar and is mistaken by Gallant, a knight of the Frog Royal Guard, for his missing princess. Mary, seeing this could yield some sweet loot, agrees to help Gallant find Princess Lily.  On their travels More Info »