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Snathan is a shy teen obsessed with all things vampire. When a dark duo of mysterious bloodsuckers slithers into town, Snathan attempts to muster up the strength to meet them.

Three Dark Secrets

Three Dark Secrets collects 3 stories drawn by John Bivens (Spread, Image) for the award-winning horror anthology, Split Lip.

How To: Karaoke

Have a fear of speaking in public? Love to sing, but think you have a voice not even a mother could love? Feel like you couldn’t rock out to your favorite songs without the old “liquid courage?” Cartoonist Ed Siemienkowicz loves karaoke, and he wants to share his experiences and tactics with you. Laugh along More Info »

When They Met

The Casebook of Elijah Snugs #6

Issue #6 is the conclusion to the 3-part \”Mystery of the Factious Fraternity.”

Blueberry Jam

Go Stuff! volume one

Go Stuff! is a challenging, surreal panel-style comic strip by Faft. For over 20 years, Faft has been venturing into the subconscious mind to produce a comic strip which is, among other things, sort of hilarious, tragic, disturbing, thought-provoking, idiotic, beautiful, crude, and wondrous – it could even be none of these things! Each time Faft More Info »

Mutant Punks #2

16 black and white pages, saddle-stitch, 6.75 by 10.25 inches (171 by 260 mm)

I Thought You Hated Me

64 black and white pages, 9.5×7 inches (241×178 mm) perfect bound softcover graphic novel, ISBN 978-1940398495


48 color pages, 7×10 inches (178×254 mm), softcover perfect bound graphic novel, ISBN 978-1940398570