Listing Category: SPX 2016 Debut

Libby’s Dad

40 color pages, 7×8.5 inches (178×216 mm) saddle stitched comic book, ISBN 978-1940398525

French Fry Club

Twilight Valley is known as America ‘s perfect small town. That’s what they want you to think. Behind all the images of perfect homes and delightful families is a scary secret that the DEKO FUTURE Corporation wants to keep hidden. What happens when a secret school club of unsuspecting members takes aim at finding out the More Info »

Shaving Cream

Learn how to make marbleized paper from a bird! This mini comic is a collaboration between Sammy Savos (SVA student and Curls Studio 2016 summer intern) and cartoonist Carolyn Belefski.


Curls is a comic strip written and drawn by cartoonist Carolyn Belefski featuring a gal named Curls who dreams of adventurous situations that come to play in real-life with a gang of her animal friends and a giant piece of toast. The book collects every strip which will allow readers to see the evolution of Curls—from More Info »

The Living City

“THE LIVING CITY” is a collection of seven short comics about life in a magical city. Stories deal with subjects such as home invasions by spirits, persistent ghosts, misdirected curses from drunk witches, and a semester-long research project that becomes a disastrous possession. 52 pages, 2 color risograph.

Go Fuck Myself!

Short comic book stories from the life and times of many Mike Freiheit’s.

Half Moon Heroes #1

Half Moon Heroes tells the story of Hong Yi Jun, a pampered young girl who abandons a life of wealth and comfort for the excitement of the martial world. Accompanied by her loyal but exasperated handmaiden, Hui, Yi Jun travels to the infamous “Half Moon Bay” to begin her adventure, unaware of the brewing dangers in the bustling town at the edge of lawlessness. The story is an homage to the Wu Xia genre and features martial arts, legendary feats of heroism, and sisterhood!

Funny Farm

Enjoy coloring illustrations of comedians as farm animals! 

Bone Music

A (semi)-historical short comic about jazz, teen rebellion, and ghosts in the USSR.

The ‘stilyagi’ of 1940s-1960s Russia rebelled against the iron grip of Soviet censorship by embracing what they could of Western culture. They idolized American rock and jazz, but, as the music was banned in the USSR, they resort to drastic and creative measures to bring their contraband obsession to life.

8 pages.

Yoga Diary One

“Nap vs. yoga, the never-ending after work decision…”