Listing Category: SPX 2017 Debut

Moon Full

A pink moon shines bright overhead, and we are the only ones up late enough to enjoy it… or are we?  Follow along as one hungry little bird sets out on a midnight adventure so funny and gross you’ll never look at the night sky the same again!

Secret Neighbors

Peek into the vastly differing scales of life and death that unwittingly coexist just next door in this collection of eight short comics stories about people and places just outside of your peripheral vision. 

cadavre exquis

Eisner nominee and Yaddo fellow, Christa Cassano collaborates with seven other creators collecting various exquisite corpses featuring alien love trysts, existential angst, sex and death.

Mango Lizard Issue #4

A series of short stories. Ship Fire, Big Orn, and White Fish.

The Homecoming King

A man goes back to his home town to clean up the streets.

Long Division, Part 5

The last issue of Long Division: a story about a young, bipolar mathematician trying to pick up the pieces of her life after a traumatic identity crisis. Specs: 32 pages, black and white interior, color cover, stapled saddle-stitched

Interstitial, No. 1

Three women find their lives driven off course when an unknown darkness creeps into their world. 12-page black and white comic with color cover.

Liberty High School Detective League #1

First four pages can be read here:

Help!! Ghost

Chronicles of a people pleaser ghost who lives in a lighthouse

You Would Like Her

“She is you through a prism / filtering through faintly warped”