Listing Category: SPX 2017 Debut

Metal Gods: A Tribute to Judas Priest

An illustrated tribute to the Metal Gods Judas Priest.

Ink in Water

At once punk rock and poignant, Ink in Water is the visceral and groundbreaking graphic memoir of a young woman’s devastating struggle with negative body image and eating disorders. Blending bold humor, a healthy dose of self-deprecation, vulnerability, literary storytelling, and dynamic and provocative artwork by illustrator Jim Kettner, author Lacy Davis shows readers how she rose More Info »


Poetry collection.

Why Draw?

Why Draw? is a minicomic that celebrates doodling and explains how drawing is good for our brains regardless of whether we like the results of our efforts. Cara Bean is a high school art teacher who is often convinces reluctant artists to step outside of their preconceived negative ideas and enjoy drawing.

Comicverse: Subspace Chatter #1

The Comicverse characters do a nerd culture podcast reviewing sci-fi shows, comic book controversies, and satirizing indy comics!

Perfectly Normal Behavior

Perfectly Normal Behavior is a comic collection about snacks, anxiety, snack anxiety, and how living alone can make you get all weird. Also, there’s a pie recipe. Available at table W89.


Over 100 pages of movie ideas TOO AWESOME for Hollywood. …because they’re jokes. In this book you’ll find comics, prose, scripts, and even reviews of the best movies that we’d never seriously want see to get made. Unless you’ve got big studio money to throw around. We’re overflowing with artistic integrity but we’ve also got More Info »

First Blush

Shy, 16-year-old Adrian spends a night with his cousin and her roommate in this warm and gentle short story. Written by Alice Stoehr, Illustrated by Kevin Budnik

Saturday Morning Comics

After years of publishing comic and zine anthologies about hard-hitting issues like Doctor Who fan theories, pantsless animals, and swell tales from the sea, Denny Connolly and Jarod Rosello are putting together a zine themed around Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Big Planet Comics Red Anthology

A comics anthology focused on artists from or working in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia!