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Ink in Water: An Illustrated Memoir (Or, How I Kicked Anorexia’s Ass and Embraced Body Positivity)

“An incredibly important, extremely relatable memoir about learning to love the hardest person of all: yourself.” —Liz Prince, author of Tomboy “Compelling, funny, occasionally heartbreaking, and full of genuine hope in ways that most graphic memoirs never achieve artistically. … Don’t miss this one.” —Library Journal Starred Review At once punk rock and poignant, Ink in More Info »

Ana and the Cosmic Race

Mysterious media mogul megaquadrillionaire Dr. Laslo issues a challenge to the best and brightest students in the Galactic Scholastic Federation to a cosmic scavenger hunt. The grand prize – his vast empire. But the clues are hidden across time and space, and only the best and brightest will be able to find them. Thirteen-year-old super-studious More Info »

Greek Diary

250 pages of autobiographical comics about daily life on an excavation, traveling with reluctant children, and a flashback to a romance on Santorini 13 years before.  Winner of a MoCCA Award for Excellence and nominated for the Slate Cartoonist Prize.

What a Way to Go!

Gary Larson meets George Carlin in this collection of mind-bendingly hilarious comics! The cream of the comics! The finest of funnies! The superlative of scribbles! The absolute best from the last three years of HypnoSpiral Comics!

Chinatown Bus

Have you ever had to make a choice between being good and being happy? Lyn’s long distance relationship with his New York girlfriend is falling apart. Is it coincidence or fate that when she dumps him with a text message while he is on the bus to visit her, his dream girl is sitting right More Info »

Last Mountain 4

Last Mountain is the ongoing short comics collection by Dakota McFadzean. The newest issue contains a wordless 32 page comic about a little girl trying to eat cereal. The cereal’s box depicts a cartoon bear. The little girl attempts to eat the cereal without interruption.

The Ghost Cat

The legend of Ghost Cat and his powers. 12 page black and white minicomic. Digest size (5.5×8.5)


Secret Acres invites you on a unique, naively erotic, geopolitically savvy adventure with Francine, the most wayward of girls. “Michiel Budel is our Balthus. Francine breathes an ecstatic and perverse new life into the comics form.” – Katie Skelly, author of My Pretty Vampire With its fascistic imagery, pubescent sexuality, raucous humor and complex political More Info »

Horror Tapes

It’s about wanting to impress some shitty friend that just breaks you down and is abusive.  It’s about the terrible power that a kid has over you if he calls you a pussy because you don’t know that masculinity stuff is all bullshit yet.


A beautifully curvy ecdysiast who loves to indulge in sensual dances has a love-hate relationship with the patron of the motel where she works. In a moment of bliss she finds a way out, there will be no looking back as there is nothing left behind.