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The Tuesday Salon

Cairo, 1923- Poet May Ziadeh runs a salon out of her home every Tuesday night. Each week, it is capitalism vs. socialism, traditionalists vs. feminists and her own best friend vs. “there are never any good-looking men at these things!”

Patching Up

Darshan, a stoic but kind crow harpy, is trusted with a task when his scarecrow boyfriend Godet has to leave home for a stitching surgery. Darshan must babysit Godet’s 9-year-old brother Piper. But taking care of the little scarecrow is proving to be difficult– Piper refuses to trust Darshan.


Fantastical ink illustrations of all the zodiac signs. 16 pages, full colour.

The Lily

A collection of six comics by Ann Xu, ranging in subject matter from topics like emotional boundaries on the Internet, to the satisfaction of cooking a labor-intensive meal, to the tacit understanding between Asian Americans when it comes to language. Originally published online by The Lily, a women-focused newsletter by The Washington Post. 5″x5″, 64 More Info »


A link to the first three pages can be found here:

KARMA – A Preview Comic

Twins Dolun and Nís, agents of a secret cosmic order tasked with balancing the Will of the Universe perform great feats of wit and strength to fulfill their mission in this preview comic, KARMA!

Freaky Tales & Weird Science Stories

Space, friendship and exploration. Join our protagonists on an adventure of lifetime.

Easier Than Being With Someone Else

An illustrated zine for movie lovers, Easier Than Being With Someone Else chronicles every movie Jordan Jeffries watched throughout his freshman year at art school. An incredibly formative eight-month span of his life is framed through over fifty viewings of 101-level Art School Kid Classics and of-the-time major releases, with the occasional curveball. Included are movie illustrations, More Info »

Dee’s Dream Issue #3: The Dream Boat

Emotional turmoil spreads through the four piece punk rock band Dee’s Dream. Will a house party and show in their basement be enough to glue their broken bond back together? Only time will tell… stay tuned.

Ink Brick no. 9

NK BRICK is a journal dedicated to comics poetry. This issue features 80 pages of full-color work by 26 creators using the visual language of comics to make poetry.