Listing Category: SPX 2018 Debut

Simple Routines Volume 7

Simple Routines vol. 7 collects another year of JP Coovert’s journal comics about skateboarding, self image, D&D, love, and losing pets.

Abandon Ship III

A short collection of comics and musings by Luke B. Howard

Man Boy : The First Batch

Man Boy: The First Batch chronicles the initial adventures of Man Boy as he embarks on quests to continue being a big kid in the adult world of Milk City. The First Batch features 3 full length issues, accompanying comic strips, and more! 8.5″ x 11″ 24 pages (content)

Monster of the Week

A new serial for the intrepid admirers of fantastical phenomena! Follow courageous warrior and master tactician Toshihiro, powerful psychic and empath Kiki Okada, boyscout and kid detective Haruo, computer genius and brilliant scientist Chin Dongu, and mysterious samurai warrior Fushiya,  in their ongoing quest to defend their city from gargantuan kaiju and nefarious novelty restaurants, More Info »

Anarchy Dreamers Volume 2: A Girl Without A Face

Sparkly undead kids battle society’s worst Nightmares in this pastel-punk urban fantasy coming-of-age! A world where resurrection is common and anthropomorphized Nightmares wreak havoc on reality. A school in the aftermath of a mysterious tragedy. After the Massacre at Sacred Heart High School, six students are handed a magical destiny by the God of Dreams– More Info »

Food Femmes

Food Femmes is a collection of food and cooking related stories by women and femmes. It was lovingly illustrated and curated by the author, L. M. Cook as a response to the lack of positive imagery of women consuming and creating food.

Selcouthian #1

Night terrors, monsters, and charming necromancers collide in this collection of spine-tingling short stories from the author of the psychedelic fantasy series Apeiron. 24 pages.

Wheatpasting for Beginners

A little guide detailing the not-so-ancient art of gluing oversized photocopies to walls. You will learn how to go from an 8×10” drawing to a large-scale, finished wheatpaste, where to buy materials for cheap and how Dana got into wheatpasting in the first place.

Letters to Sylvie

This book is a 12-page full-color exploration of letter-writing, friendship, death, and grief.