Listing Category: SPX 2018 Debut

Yoga Will Not Change Your Life

A new collection of comics and drawings from Dana’s weekly comic strip, The Worried Well.

Dream Journal

A loose-form experimental narrative on three separate dreams had in the course of one very strange week.

But Go, Show Yourself

A quick experimental look at the chaotic emotions that arise during the processing of buried trauma.

Skipping to the Fun Parts: Thoughts on the Creative Process by Someone who Hates That Type of Thing

Do know what it’s like to stare at a blank sheet of paper and feel bad? Then this book is for you. This is a very honest look at the creative process, without any advice whatsoever.

Runewriters: Experiencing Tentacle Difficulties, Chapter 4

Runewriters is a fantasy comic about a deaf girl trying to help her shapechanger friend fix an embarrassing magical mistake! This 82-page book includes the full-colour fourth chapter of the story, in which they stop at an inn that may or may not be haunted by eldritch ghosts (I’m sure it’s fine), as well as More Info »

Welcome to Pin Hell – Ultimate Edition

A handheld guide to getting start making enamel pins and being mad about it.

WANC: Hell on Ice

Wuvable Oaf fans know the titular character has a mysterious past as the satanic pro wrestler Goteblüd. But nobody has seen him in action quite like this, as he takes on his archenemy Doctor Avalanche in a brutal “Hell On Ice” match! Bear hugs, gut punches and 300 lb moonsaults are on the menu in More Info »

Almost Summer 4

The fourth and final volume in the Almost Summer series by Montréal-based author Sophie Bédard. Anthony is looking for an apartment while Michelle is looking for a prom dress. Matthew is trying to make sense of his own feelings while Emily is trying to assert herself. High school is almost over. But you know what More Info »


A detective chasing a robber in “maybe the Philippines” is sidetracked by food all the time. A game of cat and mouse, with a little bit of food and a pinch of romantic tension and you have Mami.

Buffet Style

This zine features a multitude of psychedelic collages and drawings. Bend your mind with experimental juxtapositions!