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I Will Never Fall In Love Again – An Illustrated Incantation

An incantation to summon protection for a lonely heart.

Monkey and Moon

A zine sized 12 page black and white preview of “Monkey and Moon” the first part of a larger story. Marla, a guidance counselor at the Intergalactic Hall of knowledge and a new student guide Matt, join forces in order to influence the high counsel’s decision; to expand the health wing. Unlike Marla, Matt’s practice More Info »


“The guitar that walked in with the handsome black boy would like a word…”


A child accused of witchcraft is exiled to the rainforest. The trees become her family and their canopy of leaves, her home.

It’ll Be Alright: An Album

A collection of daily comics and longer stories by Liz Bolduc, this 100+ page comic book is filled with Winter & Spring adventures, reflections and meditations surrounding family, childhood, and the day-to-day life of 25 year old Liz. Topics cover mental wellness, strained relationships, estranged brothers and sisters, and losing a close feline family member.

Pot Pals, vol. 2

Pot Pals is a collaborative zine of ceramics and illustration. Ceramic artist Sarah Duyer asks comic artist and illustrator friends to draw a pot and she brings them to life. Volume 2 features designs from Matt Cummings, Rachel Dukes, Sage Coffey, and more!

BAND Volume 2

Naughty Ace! If you weren’t my all-time favorite singer, I’d give you such a spanky for that! Oh God… I’m so happy that my all time favorite band is here tonight! And whom might that be? Ace! Leslie is loyal to you! I was so sad when I heard a nasty rumor about your band breaking up – It wasn’t a rumor. Oh! But…then…what band are you with now? I’m not in a band…anymore. Then what are you doing here? Drinking as a civilian. Excuse me. My pleasure.


Parties can be stressful. Especially when you’re a human living in a world of literal monsters and the sleeves on your costume keep slipping, threatening to show you don’t belong. Hopefully the self-help articles and detailed research on scale treatment can get you through the night unscathed.

For Thee

Never before compiled into one book, For Thee is the complete collection of Suzanne Baumann’s Free – For Ye! minicomics. Seven stories in all, spanning from 1998-2006. Includes “The Kiss of ‘One-Lip ‘ Larry”, “The Skipmeister’s Daughter”, “You, Only You”, and more.

Visit Foldertown: 1997 Shopper’s Guide

Foldertown is open for business! This tri-fold brochure is a valuable guide to the best restaurants, boutiques, dollar stores and tire repair spots in one of the most enduring neighborhoods in Michigapolis, MI. Foldertown is also the setting for the online graphic novel Sucker Street — pick up the shopper’s guide and know it like More Info »