Listing Category: SPX 2019 Debut

Anii Japan Journey

A mini zine about adventures in Japan.

Under the Evergloom

In the eternal twilight of the feywild, a dryad catches an unwitting mortal sleeping under her tree. A5, 14 pages, full color.


IT’S A LONG WAY DOWN! Gloria’s just past new in town and barely keeping it together. With five roommates and the night shift at a bowling alley, she’s never been more alone. Where do you turn when your only social prospect is a trepanation cult? BIG DRINK is a surreal depression comedy-thriller that you need More Info »

DC Punk presents: FUGAZI

The story of Fugazi in comic form

Who’s Counting?

“Who’s Counting?” is the most recent interactive minicomic by collaborative duo Beth Hetland and Kyle O’Connell. This book tallies a series of strange or unexpected sightings and phrases experienced at the various conventions Beth and Kyle and tabled at. Each page has a window and dial to reveal one of the many categories they witnessed. More Info »

Earth Before Us: Mammal Takeover!

In the third and final installment in the Earth Before Us series, Ronnie, a fifth grade girl, is taken back in time by her kooky neighbor Miss Lernin to discover the wonders of the Cenozoic. When Ronnie bemoans her inability to withstand the winter chill and blames her ancestors for not evolving better protection against More Info »

“Unhealthy”: Two Stories Of Mental Health And Body Image

“Unhealthy” contains two comic essays from people who’ve always been told their bodies don’t look healthy enough, and have mentally and physically damaged themselves in the pursuit of looking “healthier”. Ignatz-nominated cartoonist Sarah Winifred Searle recounts how she’d sabotage her body by intentionally eating food that would make her sick, and discusses her ongoing attempts More Info »

In the Floyd Archives: A Psycho-Bestiary

In the Floyd Archives is a cartoon novel (with footnotes!) lightly based on Freud’s famous case histories – the Wolf Man, the Rat Man, Dora and Little Hans. But in this wildly inventive comic, the analyst is a bird and his patients are animals too: Wolfman is a passive-aggressive wolf with identity issues, Rat Ma’am, an More Info »


Bernadette is a cat with one enemy: houseplants. She fins contentment in naps and food, but will the introduction of a new, seemingly special plant change everything? Lauren Barnett proves once again she’s the master of the cute little animal characters with the unrepentant potty-mouth. 5.25” x8.25” Full Color 42 pages

Madness In Crowds: The Teeming Mind of Harrison Cady

Madness in Crowds is an oversized hardcover monograph on the early 20th century illustrator and cartoonist Harrison Cady, the master of creatures, contraptions and crowd scenes. Includes over 200 images and a detailed biography by Denis and Violet Kitchen. Hardcover, 10 x 14 inches, 197 pages, first edition of 2500.