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Anxious Child

A recollection of life as an anxious kid, and learning the hard way that anxiety doesn’t keep bad things from happening. Caroline Smith’s autobiographical story follows her from childhood to present day through both dark and hilarious imaginings as a worrywart child, and coping with them at different stages in life (some methods better than More Info »

Sorry You Couldn’t Make It

A 12 page series of 4 panel semi-autobiographical comics about living with anxiety

Our Mother

40 color pages, 7×9.5 inches (178x241mm), saddle stitch comic book, ISBN 978-1940398587

Burn Your Demons Issue 2

When someone is sharing an intimate story with you, how much are you thinking about what face you are making? Read Burn Your Demons Issue 1 here.

I Know You’re Mad

You didn’t wake up one day depressed, and you won’t wake up one day all better.