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Steamed Veggies, Volume 2

Steamed Veggies is a slice-of-life, auto-biographical comic strip (except when it isn’t) focusing on real-life stories of events and friendship (with some philosophical waxing here and there.) This second volume collects comics from September 2017 to August 2019, and as it turns out, a lot can happen in two years! From stories of convention antics More Info »

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So Buttons #8

The newest issue of So Buttons, written by Jonathan Baylis featuring a cover by Noah Van Sciver and story art by Corinne Mucha, Rick Parker, Noah Van Sciver, Rachel Dukes and T.J. Kirsch. In This Issue: Stories about monster movie make-up, False Hope, Religious Rebellion, and DOGS!

One Year In: Stand-Up Comedy

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Stand-up comedy is a gateway drug. Once you get hooked on the feeling of making an audience love you with their laughter– you’ll chase that dragon into other forms: Improv. Sketch. Musical comedy…

One Year In: Stand-Up Comedy is a collection of true-life reflections from Alyssa Truszkowski’s first year trying to be a stand-up comedian. In this mini-comic, debuting at SPX 2016, she shares her personal stories about telling her personal stories on stage and how it’s changed her life forever.

MY PACE ~ a Rod + Cone Anthology

A comics anthology featuring work by: Anna McGlynn Iona Fox Hannah Ratblood Sophie Yanow Reilly Hadden Cooper Whittlesey Stephianie Kwak Rod + Cone is a micropress that highlights great writing in comics.  R+C publishes a a biannual anthology. 52 pages ISBN: 978-0-9967317-1-3

Almanac (2015)

Almanac is an annual collection of auto-bio // short fiction // non-fiction comics by farmer & cartoonist Iona Fox. 64 pages ISBN: 978-0-9967317-0-6

The Durham Comics Project

The Durham Comics Project is an anthology of autobiographical comics that capture the essence of life right now – small moments, big moments, moments that represent the diversity of the Durham, NC community. \”The stories submitted for The Durham Comics Project range between whimsical observations about daily life, personal demons that make every day a More Info »

Know Me Now: The Fifth Year of Spinadoodles

The fifth year of diary comics by Sam Spina! 176 pages, perfect bound for $10. Wowee!

I'm Zonin, the fourth Spinadoodles collection

The fourth collection of auto-bio strips by Sam Spina. Check for more.

So Buttons #6

So Buttons 6 – 24 pages – $5 (color) Jonathan Baylis’s anthology of mostly funny, upbeat, true stories continues. Written by Baylis, but in the Harvey Pekar tradition, each is drawn by a different artist. This issue features cover art by underground and Garbage Pail Kids legend Jay Lynch and includes Baylis’s longest story yet More Info »