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Terminal Velocity

Terminal Velocity: the highest speed attainable by an object falling through the air. A skydiver reaches Terminal Velocity within four seconds of freefall, achieving speeds of 120 mph. I was a licensed parachutist in my twenties, logging more than 75 jumps. It was one of the more exciting parts of my life but plenty of other odd and unusual things happened to me.

Yoga Diary One

“Nap vs. yoga, the never-ending after work decision…”

Weird Me (Vols. 3 & 4)

Once upon a time, I was the moderately successful teenage webmaster of a “Weird Al” Yankovic fan site. From minor notoriety, to jet-setting for concerts, to earning a stalker, each volume of Weird Me showcases the awkward (and true) intricacies of an adolescence spent carving out a corner of the internet frontier in dedication to the king of parody. The story finally concludes in More Info »

No Ivy League #1

No Ivy League is the story of Hazel, a homeschooled teenager venturing into the world with her first job working for the Portland Parks Department.

Visiting NASA #1

Originally featured on, this nonfiction minicomic details the two days I spent at Kennedy Space Center earlier this year, meeting NASA scientists and engineers and learning about satellites, space communications, regolith mining, the future of spaceflight and what goes into the launch of an Atlas V. 32 pages, B&W