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BOTTOMS UP! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom

“BOTTOMS UP! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom” is an anthology collecting real stories of bottoming out from alcoholism, drug dependency, sex addiction, body dysmorphia, pornography addiction and more. These stories have been adapted into comics by a team of incredibly talented and diverse cartoonists Edited by J.T. Yost Contributors include: – Josh Bayer (title page) – More Info »

One Thing At A Time, Bud

“One Thing At A Time, Bud” starts with the news of the hospitalization of Kevin Budnik’s father for what turns out to be cancer. Budnik admits that drawing diary comics helps him process emotions, so the reader is privy to his internal dialogue, childhood reminiscence and conversations with family as he struggles to cope with More Info »

Macrogroan 7

Another installment of beautiful weirdness by Ignatz Award nominated and New Yorker published cartoonist, Sara Lautman!

Buy LOUD COMIX hypno shirt

Show your LOUD COMIX pride (or disdain if you wear it ironically) with this shirt drawn by punk legend Jamie Vayda.

Left Empty #1

“Left Empty #1″ is the first issue in a story written by Alan King and drawn by Jamie Vayda. For those familiar with their work in the LOUD COMIX series, this is a 180° turn in terms of tone. It deals with the aftermath of King’s wife’s death to cancer.

Bangs & Beard Diary

For BANGS & BEARD DIARY, cartoonist couple Melinda Tracy Boyce and Aaron Whitaker created diary comics during the month of July 2015.

Pyrmaid Scheme 2: This Time It’s At The Beach

“Pyramid 2: This Time It’s At The Beach” by Josh Burggraf & Victor Kerlow. Dog & Robot and Kid Space Heater visit a nude beach.

Thanger Dangers

“Thanger Dangers” (A.K.A. “Thinger Dingers #2) is another collection of short comics by J.T. Yost culled from various anthologies. Stories include a non-fiction account of a mysterious double death in Brazil, a brief history of mohawks, a romantic interlude between praying mantises, “hilarious vegan jokes” and much more!

Cringe: an anthology of embarrassment

“Cringe: An Anthology of Embarrassment” collects over twenty stories of personal humiliation, shame & awkwardness from a variety of indie cartoonists including Box Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Sam Henderson, Delaine Derry Green, Victor Kerlow and many many more!