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Its date game night this weekend, but the Erik and Zack need to both need to get through the work week first.

Just Fujoshi Things

A collection of short comics about the fun and mishaps of two fujoshi— girls who enjoy comics about risque male romances! Rated Teen+ for mentions of sexual content. ~Available at Table #C3~

Milch Vol. 2

Vol. 2 of gay erotica sketch compilation, now thicker -10 pages -Color cover; b+white interior Available @ Table D4

Spacejinx: Volume 3

After space cadet Benedict Young and his obnoxious roommate thought they had adjusted to life with a sexbot, their training took a new turn for excitement with a real assignment! After that turned out to be a bust in the last volume of Spacejinx, they’re off to another mission–exploring a mysterious planet! Fortunately for them, it means some alone time together…provided they can avoid trouble!