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A beautifully curvy ecdysiast who loves to indulge in sensual dances has a love-hate relationship with the patron of the motel where she works. In a moment of bliss she finds a way out, there will be no looking back as there is nothing left behind.

Just Fujoshi Things

A collection of short comics about the fun and mishaps of two fujoshi— girls who enjoy comics about risque male romances! Rated Teen+ for mentions of sexual content. ~Available at Table #C3~

Batgirl Straight-to-Ink Cover Song

Everyone knows the classic, long-running superhero crimefighter Batgirl, but what would happen if a couple of boys tried to help out? I know, it’s such a stupid idea that it’s not even worth drawing! And yet…


Do employees at the U.S. Mint have direct deposit? If I abandoned all my most deeply held beliefs, would you vote for me then? You looked into the hose. Who would play my cat in a movie?

Tricks Though Film

Back to The Future, Ninja Turtles, Hook, Lord of the Rings, Predator, and more.

Tyranny of the Muse #4

We flashback to the days before Frank and Bonnie met. Frank suffers from a toothache and gets a package that opens up a world of mystery. While Bonnie deals with her boyfriend Matthew’s newfound artistic success.

Lake Imago #2

Combining the coming-of-age terror of It Follows with the mystery of Paper Girls, Lake Imago from artist
Jamaica Dyer (Heavy Metal, Weird Fishes) and writer Eddie Wright (Tyranny of the Muse, Regular Show) is a hypnotic, human, and beautiful journey into the horrors of growing up.

Requiem Sonata: 1-2

After a bizarre performance, famous classical pianist Zhi is found dead at the bottom of a bay. As her friend and fan, Detective Simone Durant begins to look into Zhi’s death, she finds that she didn’t really know much about this mysterious woman.

Rare Drops: The Rough \’n\’ Tough Rinth

The Rough \’n\’ Tough Labyrinth has a legendary treasure that can only be earned by someone who is truly strong. Arya and Lucio want that treasure, but how far is Arya willing to go to earn it?