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Dirty Diamonds Omnibus

Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl comic anthology. Each issue features semi-autobiographical comics around a central theme. Started in 2011 by editors Kelly Phillips & Claire Folkman, the humble origins of Dirty Diamonds as a zine have evolved over the years into a large-scale anthology featuring the work of dozens of women from around the world. More Info »

Dirty Diamonds #4: Break-Ups

Awkward, wistful, dramatic, and embarrassing: 12 comics from 12 talented artists all around BREAK-UPS. The fourth and newest issue of the all-girl comic anthology DIRTY DIAMONDS features 30+ pages of semi-autobiographical comics, relief-printed covers, and the promise of making you wince. Co-edited by Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman. Featured artists: Alisha Davidson, Ashley Austin, Carey More Info »