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What a Way to Go!

Gary Larson meets George Carlin in this collection of mind-bendingly hilarious comics! The cream of the comics! The finest of funnies! The superlative of scribbles! The absolute best from the last three years of HypnoSpiral Comics!

Side Effects 1

Side Effects is the story of Dr. Op and Pill Pal and how they realize that they are part of this huge messed up system that society is built on. Aaaaaand Their quest to destroy it from the inside out.

KREMOS: The Lost Art of Niso Ramponi Vol. 1

He worked under numerous names—from Kremos to Niso to Nys O’Ramp—but he occupies a singular space as Italy’s cartooning Casanova, and  he finally gets his due in this new two volume set from Lost Art Books. From the mid-1940s through the early 1960s, Niso Ramponi’s work was everywhere, lending his talents to collaborations with friend More Info »

Manspressions: Decoding Men’s Behavior

Manologue: A man is talking. Resistance is futile. Manversation: Two men are talking, nobody is listening.

HypnoSpiral Comics #2

8-Bit Alice In Wonderland, Sailor Moon vs. Sailor Jerry and Suburban Punk Rock Samurai are just a few of the subjects run down and tackled in the newest volume of HypnoSpiral Comics! Action! Comedy! HypnoSpiral Comics is 24 pages of goofy, nerdy goodness!

The CoDependent Tree + Other Cartoons and Comics

The best jokes, gags and laughs from over four years of HypnoSpiral Comics! Shel Silverstein beware! This volume includes M. Jacob’s scathing and hilarious satire of the most fucked-up beloved children’s book ever written!

Mr. Drone Strikes Again

In an effort to avoid responsibility and bad press the major western powers of the world jointly created the ultimate artificial intelligence to make and execute all important military decisions for them. Programmed to learn, embody and enforce the ideals of western culture this top secret project is known by the codename “Mr. Drone.”