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A Cat Named Tim and Other Stories

Richard Scarry and Rube Goldberg collide in John Martz’s whimsical comic book world. In Tim’s world, a cat can paint on the ceiling and a happy pig couple can wait months for the bus. A duck and a mouse love to go flying, in a plane, of course. Every page is an adventure and each More Info »

Cat Dad, King of the Goblins

Like visiting Narnia with a sugar rush. Miri and Luey have a dilemma. Their dad’s been turned into a cat and their closet is a garden full of goblins. There is only one thing for them to do—grab their friend Phil the frog and dive headfirst into a wild, woolly, and wacky adventure. Britt Wilson grew More Info »


You are the Cat Heroes who must stop the Chaos Gods of other animals from conquering the world – and the humans will never know! magine if H.P. Lovecraft and his followers had intuited a little of what’s going on in the cosmos… but missed some rather important details. For example, the hideous Powers that Be are More Info »

Doctor Cat's Day Off

Doctor Cat is a comic about a doctor who is also a cat. This book contains the second chapter of the webcomic! 20 color pages 6″ x 9″ ISBN: 978-0-9894806-1-1

Doctor Cat

Doctor Cat is a comic about a doctor who is also a cat. This book contains the first chapter of the webcomic! 72 color pages 6″ x 9″ ISBN 978-0-9894806-0-4


Sachiko’s sucky dayjob might take her on crazy ninja adventures, but she’d rather do her own thing. In Issue #1, she gets stuck with an incompetent new partner and fights all kinds of crazy creatures loosely inspired by Japanese folklore.

A Stray in the Woods

The story of a cat, a mysteriously empty house, and a dark foreboding forest. During its original run as a webcomic on Tumblr, this comic was a collaboration between me, Alison Wilgus, and its readers. After each update, I took suggestions as to what Cat should do; when I sat down to draw, I would More Info »

Cat-Stronauts: In Space

Join the Cat-Stronauts on their high-flying adventure into space as they try to repair the world’s most important satellite ever! Cat-Stronauts is a hilarious thrill ride for all ages! 12 Pages – Full Color