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One Thing At A Time, Bud

“One Thing At A Time, Bud” starts with the news of the hospitalization of Kevin Budnik’s father for what turns out to be cancer. Budnik admits that drawing diary comics helps him process emotions, so the reader is privy to his internal dialogue, childhood reminiscence and conversations with family as he struggles to cope with More Info »

The Catalogue (Vol. 2)

I had a theory when I was growing up. I imagined that there was a waiting list of cats that lived in the vicinity of our house. As soon as we would take one stray in, another would always appear soon after. Where we lived was quiet and lush, and a countless parade of cats could easily lurk in mysterious locations, waiting for their turn to reveal themselves. One such cat who emerged in turn was Big White, named for his two obvious features. Looking at him outside, he seemed so imposing. But we had a strategy for earning the trust of stray cats…

Our Mother

40 color pages, 7×9.5 inches (178x241mm), saddle stitch comic book, ISBN 978-1940398587

The Puddle and The Sea

The second part of an ongoing series about a seven-year-old named Allie. Praise for “Like Water”, the first in the series, from The Comics Journal: “This series of vignettes…was certainly one of the best short stories of 2014. …. McGlynn perfectly evokes that sense of wonder of being a seven year old, of having a new instant family, and More Info »

Limp Wrist

Limp Wrist is the story of a woman looking back at her childhood, and her memories of growing up misgendered and being bullied for acting feminine. It was written by Scout Wolfcave, adapted and drawn by Penina Gal, and published for the first time in full-color by Paper Rocket Minicomics.

The Gulf: #1 Turtle Watch

A digital multimedia comic book. Issue #1 of a series. That feeling you had when you were ten, how close you are to it, how the past is just as real as the present.  The Gulf includes drawings, music & animation. Learn more: