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Kitten Construction Company

Construction has never been cuter than in this graphic novel for very young readers! Can you be too cute for your own good? Sadly, the answer is yes. In a world where kittens and humans coexist, several talented kittens with skills in architecture, construction, engineering, and plumbing have discovered that nobody will take them seriously More Info »

Science Comics: Plagues

Get to know the critters behind history’s worst diseases. Delve into the biology and mechanisms of infections, diseases, and immunity, and also the incredible effect that technology and medical science have had on humanity’s ability to contain and treat disease!

Peapod vs The Goose

Peapod vs The Goose is an all ages collection of short stories about a bunny who enjoys the company of birds.

Floral Frolic

Once upon a flower, there were two foxes…

Bunny Girl

And then it was September again.

The Cynja Volume 1

The Cynja is an illustrated story introducing kids to the awesome world of cybersecurity and technology. Hidden deep inside our planet’s virtual world, lurking in the darkened cyber alleys of our digital neighborhoods, a new generation of bad guys has risen. Zombies, worms, botnets – all threaten our happiness and future. But there is hope. More Info »