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Lil Hol feels her feelings and tells us how she does so in a positive playful way! With the help of her friends (Teddy, Dolly, Squishy, Blocky and Ghostie) Lil Hol moves through feelings and teaches the reader that IT’S OK TO FEEL YOUR FEELINGS!   40 PAGES, FULL COLOR HARDCOVER WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY More Info »

Floral Frolic

Once upon a flower, there were two foxes…

The Secret Origin of the Dust Elves #2

Despite their strong bond, Daisy and Clover are twin sisters who struggle with what it takes to fit in. Their unique relationship with a trio of Dust Elves begins at an early age. And it’s through the love and support of Fibble, Kiddle and Bob that Daisy and Clover first tap into their creative spirit.

The Little Grey Splot

The Little Grey Splot is a colorful all ages children’s activity book that hearkens back to the golden age of Ed Emberly. Through gorgeous watercolor “SPLOTS” the story of a small grey splot looking for his place in the world unfolds. It give kids the building blocks they need to spark their imagination and then More Info »