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True Pooch: Real Stories of Love, Loss, & Leashes

True Pooch: Real Stories of Love, Loss, & Leashes is a collection of short comics about dogs and the humans who love (and put up with) them. From kennel escapees to apartment mess-makers, several artists share moments sure to delight dog lovers of all kinds. Edited by Alessa Kreger Contributors: • Haleigh Buck • Jordan More Info »

Dumbstruck, Vol 3: Some Assembly Required

How do you build a career and a life from nothing in the toughest business in the world – show biz? Following a post-college sabbatical, Chuck leaps into the world of acting in Chicago’s vibrant theatre scene. But how do you get started when you barely make enough money to survive and you never even More Info »

The Vault

An elder god who just can’t get a good eternity’s rest. A survivor struggling to save the next target of the monster that damned her. A villain trying to make peace with the legacy of his deceased nemesis. These are just three of the seven of the stories that await you in “The Vault.”  Discover More Info »

Weird Me: The Complete Collection

Once upon a time, I was the moderately successful teenage webmaster of a “Weird Al” Yankovic fan site. From minor notoriety, to jet-setting for concerts, to earning a stalker, Weird Me showcases the awkward (and true) intricacies of an adolescence spent carving out a corner of the internet frontier in dedication to the king of parody. This is my whole story… now transformed into More Info »

Myriad vol. 1

Myriad. Sixteen diverse stories in a multitude of genres, including cautionary science fiction, modern love story, children’s fable, and much more. Sixteen tales of varying lengths, illustrated by a number of different artists, yet all written by the same author. Sixteen short comics, spanning over eight years, now published between two covers for the first More Info »

Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination

Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it none exists – with it all things are possible.

Comics Will Be Published Until Morale Improves

Ever look at a bathroom sign and think “why hasn’t anyone made comics with those icons?” I did. These are those comics.

Brainstorm Anthology

A savage barbarian. An evil corporation. A pair of orphans. An eldritch elder god. And a hardboiled detective with a taste for cosmopolitans. They’re all part of BRAINSTORM, a 32-page collection of comics by cartoonist, Aodhan Cummings. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll scratch your head in utter confusion! Whatever reaction you have to these six stories, More Info »