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Doki Doki High #3

School’s back in session, and the kids are having the time of their lives. Sports tournaments, crushes and magically animated parade floats, everything you expect from your typical high school experience. Over 70 pages of fun hijinks will put you right into the lives of the teens at Doki Doki High.

Kill : Shots

Finish a job, take a shot. A dark comedy of two hitmen and their nonchalant chats after work. -24 pages; color cover/b+w interior -6×9 inches -Available @ Table D4

Baldy Cereal #2

Baldy Cereal #2 continues the serialized silly adventures of Baldy and the fellow residents of Ah-Choo Township.

Baldy Cereal #1

Baldy Cereal #1 is the first in the serialized silly adventures of Baldy and the fellow residents of Ah-Choo Township.

One Year In: Stand-Up Comedy

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Stand-up comedy is a gateway drug. Once you get hooked on the feeling of making an audience love you with their laughter– you’ll chase that dragon into other forms: Improv. Sketch. Musical comedy…

One Year In: Stand-Up Comedy is a collection of true-life reflections from Alyssa Truszkowski’s first year trying to be a stand-up comedian. In this mini-comic, debuting at SPX 2016, she shares her personal stories about telling her personal stories on stage and how it’s changed her life forever.

Uncanny Adventures: Duo #3

At 8th Wonder press, we want to stretch the boundaries of what comics can do.  For example: can you tell a complete story in the space of two pages?  We put out a call to some of the best independent comics creators and the answer was a resounding yes.  At that moment Uncanny Adventures: Duo More Info »

Gallant Adventures: Book One

Gallant Adventures is an oddball adventure comic full of treasure, excitement, and puns! Treasure Hunter, Mary Sunshine exits a roadside bar and is mistaken by Gallant, a knight of the Frog Royal Guard, for his missing princess. Mary, seeing this could yield some sweet loot, agrees to help Gallant find Princess Lily.  On their travels More Info »

Dee’s Dream #2: Solar Return

This is the second issue of the comedy-drama comic series Dee’s Dream, which follows the adventures of the amateur post-punk alternative band by the same name. In this issue, Maury, the band’s drummer, has a big birthday coming. Will the gang make sure it will be one to remember? 20 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, More Info »

The Saga of Metalbeard

A young space viking prince loses his beard in a tragic soup accident. Changing his life forever. This is his saga.

Commuters #3 Maximum Cantaloupe

THE FINAL INSTALLMENT IS HERE! Matt, The Strudel Bearer, has had it up to his eyeballs with being pushed around. He’s taking things into his own hands and this time it’ll be flaky crust, with a delicious fruity filling. The Hills consummate their love on a highway of carnage while Officer Spillmuth has second thoughts. More Info »