Listing Tag: Comedy

Pilot Theory Special

A collection of 4-panel gag comics set in a world where humans and the supernatural live side-by-side. Also includes a preview of an upcoming story in the series.

The Tuesday Salon

Cairo, 1923- Poet May Ziadeh runs a salon out of her home every Tuesday night. Each week, it is capitalism vs. socialism, traditionalists vs. feminists and her own best friend vs. “there are never any good-looking men at these things!”

Man Boy : The First Batch

Man Boy: The First Batch chronicles the initial adventures of Man Boy as he embarks on quests to continue being a big kid in the adult world of Milk City. The First Batch features 3 full length issues, accompanying comic strips, and more! 8.5″ x 11″ 24 pages (content)

Monster of the Week

A new serial for the intrepid admirers of fantastical phenomena! Follow courageous warrior and master tactician Toshihiro, powerful psychic and empath Kiki Okada, boyscout and kid detective Haruo, computer genius and brilliant scientist Chin Dongu, and mysterious samurai warrior Fushiya,  in their ongoing quest to defend their city from gargantuan kaiju and nefarious novelty restaurants, More Info »

Postcards in Braille

A selection of strips from the webcomic Postcards in Braille. Light-hearted comedy. Perfect for new readers!

The Hermit

In 18th-century Britain, wealthy aristocrats would pass the time and show off to their friends by surrounding their palatial country estates with contemplative architectural monuments. One such structure was the hermitage… …complete with an actual hermit living in it. Narrated by real-life historians Colin Fanning and Gordon Campbell, The Hermit is a comical take on one of More Info »

Blocked: Stories from the World of Online Dating

Bar fights.  Major League Baseball players with major commitment issues.  Ghostwriting someone else’s dating profile.  Almost dating your uncle’s new wife. It seems nothing is off-limits in the world of online dating. Blocked is a collection of art & stories from that world of swiping and Bumbling one’s way to true love, featuring over 200 pages and 25 More Info »

You Did This

Join Vince, Iris (his niece), and Jenny (Iris’ Mom) as they try to discover the cause of a terrifying event that violently changed the world as they know it. Facts of nature and the terror of humans collide in book 1 of 6. 8.5×11, 40 pgs., black & white, color cover.

Drink More Water 4

Drink More Water 4 is the most straight forward in the series when it comes to real life comics. It lacks the side characters and fictional breaks that the previous issues might be known for, but exhibits a distinct style of it’s own and takes a look at family life in a formatted way than More Info »

Doki Doki High #3

School’s back in session, and the kids are having the time of their lives. Sports tournaments, crushes and magically animated parade floats, everything you expect from your typical high school experience. Over 70 pages of fun hijinks will put you right into the lives of the teens at Doki Doki High.