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White Siding, Black Shutters: A Haunted Story

There was a house. Many people lived there. Many things happened. The years went by and times changed. And still there was a house.


On a pre-industrial alien planet, a struggling island community must rush out a shipment of lucrative cargo before the coming storm hits. There’s only one vessel fast enough for the job– the airsled, a cargo glider pulled by flying livestock. Overseeing the flight crew is quartermaster Vrazi, who’s dragging their shy indentured servant Piawii along More Info »

Terra Flats #3

The highly anticipated third issue of Terra Flats is premiering at SPX 2019! Get reacquainted with your favorite best friend duo Pony and Vee (and their cat Tigre) in the best and biggest issue yet! “Fried Green Demons”: Pony meets another close friend of Vee\’s: the stylish, slithery photographer gorgon named Maddison. They do NOT More Info »


“People have always died while colonizing. We’ve always been nomads. It must be worth the loss of life, because we keep doing it. Why couldn’t have all just… stayed put?”

Cosmic Slop

A story about a struggling beatmaker and his mysterious dollar-bin find, accompanied by an EP of beats.

Queer Kids Camp: Under the Earth

While camping in the Pacific Northwest, Reese, a non-binary teenager and their sister, Jamie, a trans girl fall through a lake and get separated in a sentient forest created by beings from below the earth’s crust. To be reunited the siblings must overcome trials within the crystal maze. QKC: Under the Earth is a sci-fi More Info »

I Will Never Fall In Love Again – An Illustrated Incantation

An incantation to summon protection for a lonely heart.

It’ll Be Alright: An Album

A collection of daily comics and longer stories by Liz Bolduc, this 100+ page comic book is filled with Winter & Spring adventures, reflections and meditations surrounding family, childhood, and the day-to-day life of 25 year old Liz. Topics cover mental wellness, strained relationships, estranged brothers and sisters, and losing a close feline family member.


A dark retelling of the Cinderella story.

True Pooch: Real Stories of Love, Loss, & Leashes

True Pooch: Real Stories of Love, Loss, & Leashes is a collection of short comics about dogs and the humans who love (and put up with) them. From kennel escapees to apartment mess-makers, several artists share moments sure to delight dog lovers of all kinds. Edited by Alessa Kreger Contributors: • Haleigh Buck • Jordan More Info »