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I Saw A God: Hoboth

A tired wolf meets a haughty god and they both learn from each other. Neither of their lives will ever be the same.

Spitball 4: A CCAD Comic Anthology

Spitball 4: A CCAD Comic Anthology is the fourth collaboration between some of comics’ top writers and specially selected students from Columbus College of Art and Design. As part of the Spring Comics Practicum course, students learned the ins-and-outs of creating and marketing a book and they hope you enjoy this collection of short sequential More Info »

Sorry You Couldn’t Make It

A 12 page series of 4 panel semi-autobiographical comics about living with anxiety

Exit Archaeology

Exit Archaeology is a 48-page diary of working on a dig in Greece in 2017.  The comic chronicles daily life on an excavation in Greece: the job of drawing amphora fragments, avoiding dogs while running, swimming with jellyfish, what other people are having for breakfast, and the question of whether I will go back to this More Info »

Kitten Construction Company

Construction has never been cuter than in this graphic novel for very young readers! Can you be too cute for your own good? Sadly, the answer is yes. In a world where kittens and humans coexist, several talented kittens with skills in architecture, construction, engineering, and plumbing have discovered that nobody will take them seriously More Info »

Blood on the Tracks No. 2

I figured if I wanted to shoot back, I may as well join the gang with the best firepower behind it.

Blood on the Tracks No. 3

So how exactly does one end up in the situation? How does a fine, upstanding citizen become a career criminal? Little by little, one step at a time.

Adorable Empire, Volume 2

The adorable woodland creatures return, this time to fend for themselves on the mean streets of Manhattan. Will they survive? Can they make it on their own? Will they be taken to the underworld by an army of giant roaches? The only thing for certain is that there will be destruction and it will be  More Info »

Kill : Shots

Finish a job, take a shot. A dark comedy of two hitmen and their nonchalant chats after work. -24 pages; color cover/b+w interior -6×9 inches -Available @ Table D4

Pika’s Peak

Vulture: “EAT him? He ‘ent dead yet! And a right disappointment, that. Got meself all hopped up anticipatin’ a right proprer meal, and he turns up not dead. The nerve of some critters!”

Kitch: “I… Um. Well. Sorry? I think? Er…”

Vulture: “Don’t go wasting your time apologizing. What matters is deeds, not words, and you ‘ent dead. Unless you got some way to fix that, I’ll just be on my way. Eat you! Preposterous.”