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The Living City

“THE LIVING CITY” is a collection of seven short comics about life in a magical city. Stories deal with subjects such as home invasions by spirits, persistent ghosts, misdirected curses from drunk witches, and a semester-long research project that becomes a disastrous possession. 52 pages, 2 color risograph.

Cooking with Dr. Taquito

Dr. Taquito is bringing his evil ways to SPX in the form of awesome cooking tips! Learn how to keep avocado fresh through suffocation, how to peel the skin off of ginger and more with Dr. T’s 20 tip mini comic.

White Bees

“Gerda and Kay grew up next door to each other… and they were inseparable.”

Black Dayz 6

JTW’s insane anthology classic returns!

What They Knew

Autobiographic collaborative comic exploring two people’s experiences being gender diverse/trans.

Through My Eyes

A comic journal exploring queerness, mental health and mixed race identity.


When a game becomes a burden, a friend becomes a foe, and life becomes death, just blame the dog. This is when the game goes wrong.

Curls: The Ultimate Book Collection

Curls is a comic strip written and drawn by cartoonist Carolyn Belefski featuring a gal named Curls who dreams of adventurous situations that come to play in real-life with a gang of her animal friends and a giant piece of toast. The book collects every strip which will allow readers to see the evolution of Curls—from More Info »

Little Red Monster

Journey with the Little Red Monster as he goes about his weekly routine! This mini comic is a collaboration between Sammy Savos (incoming SVA student and Curls Studio 2015 summer intern) and cartoonist Carolyn Belefski.


SUPERMODEL is a 3-color experimental comic book by Scott Roberts, hand-crafted and Risographed.