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Spilt Milk

Cows and Robbers? 16 pages of all-ages comics hijinks!

KREMOS: The Lost Art of Niso Ramponi Vol. 2

He worked under numerous names—from Kremos to Niso to Nys O’Ramp—but he occupies a singular space as Italy’s cartooning Casanova, and  he finally gets his due in this new two volume set from Lost Art Books. From the mid-1940s through the early 1960s, Niso Ramponi’s work was everywhere, lending his talents to collaborations with friend More Info »

Teen Boat! The Race for Boatlantis

Teen Boat returns for nautical hijinks in the sequel graphic novel to the Ignatz Award-winning mini-comic!

Peach Pit

*digs a hole*

Pizza & Corn

Dreamy desserts! Scandalous snacks! Misused margarine!

Lupa Cachula’s Life: Showing Stamina

Desert island trip via tropical storm; online dating; unlawful residency; package theft; this is Lupa Cachula’s Life.   This is a full color 16 page mini comic.


Format: Picture Book & Graphic Novel Hybrid Genre: Horror Fiction Page Counts: 50 SASHIMI is an experimental work created by Feifei Ruan. The mystery and suspense develop with the main character’s mental illness, and he is increasingly unable to tell the difference between dream or reality. The story is inspired by Ruan’s nightmares. It expresses More Info »

It’s all realitive


Donut Lotto

A diorama comic by Cuddles and Rage about the dangerous downsides encountered by Donut after winning the lottery.