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Slush: A Guide to Querying Literary Agents

This guide goes where no zine has gone before by addressing that tantalizing, ages-old question: how the heck do I get a literary agent? Querying agents is an ancient art shrouded in mystery and form emails. After years of leaning to query the hard way, literary agent intern, agented children’s author, and publishing nerd Tori More Info »

Eggman Comics Mini Collections Volume 5

Eggman Comics tells stories about random things in life through the eyes of the comical egg.

Queer Kids Camp: Under the Earth

While camping in the Pacific Northwest, Reese, a non-binary teenager and their sister, Jamie, a trans girl fall through a lake and get separated in a sentient forest created by beings from below the earth’s crust. To be reunited the siblings must overcome trials within the crystal maze. QKC: Under the Earth is a sci-fi More Info »

Ink Brick no. 9

NK BRICK is a journal dedicated to comics poetry. This issue features 80 pages of full-color work by 26 creators using the visual language of comics to make poetry.

Food Femmes

Food Femmes is a collection of food and cooking related stories by women and femmes. It was lovingly illustrated and curated by the author, L. M. Cook as a response to the lack of positive imagery of women consuming and creating food.

Dream Journal

A loose-form experimental narrative on three separate dreams had in the course of one very strange week.

But Go, Show Yourself

A quick experimental look at the chaotic emotions that arise during the processing of buried trauma.

Blocked: Stories from the World of Online Dating

Bar fights.  Major League Baseball players with major commitment issues.  Ghostwriting someone else’s dating profile.  Almost dating your uncle’s new wife. It seems nothing is off-limits in the world of online dating. Blocked is a collection of art & stories from that world of swiping and Bumbling one’s way to true love, featuring over 200 pages and 25 More Info »

Hourly Comics Day 2018

There are a lot of drawings of her dog and all of the things she gets up to on this, February 1, 2018!


“A sick bastard. Big as an orc, and dumb as one. Now th- HORK!”