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Buggin’ (Free Comixzine)

RX Crew Busts out with a free Comixzine to blow your mind!
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Terminal Velocity

Terminal Velocity: the highest speed attainable by an object falling through the air. A skydiver reaches Terminal Velocity within four seconds of freefall, achieving speeds of 120 mph. I was a licensed parachutist in my twenties, logging more than 75 jumps. It was one of the more exciting parts of my life but plenty of other odd and unusual things happened to me.

Black Dayz 6

JTW’s insane anthology classic returns!

The Afrofuturist 2

The second installment of the cult favorite Afrofuturist saga by JTW.

Manspressions: Decoding Men’s Behavior

Manologue: A man is talking. Resistance is futile. Manversation: Two men are talking, nobody is listening.

Rem Pt. 1

▾ Sorted, ranked, filed based on arcane, brutal tradition. Rem, what will you do when you realize your home is a grave? ▾ ▼ Two Color Cover and 28 page B&W interior, risograph. ▼

The Tower

A shipwrecked drifter spots a strange lighthouse in the middle of the sea… And discovers it to be a bizarre city that may not be the salvation they expected. An 8-page full-color short story created for the spring 2014 final of Paul Karasik’s RISD course, COMIX. The Tower is the first in a series of More Info »


“There are so many things that I love about Tibonom that continue to reveal themselves with repeated readings; the Charlie Brown motif on his cauldron, the inexplicable expressiveness of the featureless face of Lifeform and the beautiful, detailed pencil-shade and smudge drawings, littered with “incidental” ephemera that you can lose yourself in as you join More Info »

Silent Worlds

Using a grid of 9 panels over 40 wordless pages, Carlos Santos imagines multiple narratives driven by the power of the unconscious. With precise and accomplished images, Santos has created an experimental tour de force rarely seen in comics. “Carlos Santos creates strips in a manner that is essentially intuitive. It doesn’t seem like he More Info »