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Blood on the Tracks – No. 5 (of 5)

“What just happened?” “We need to get out of here. Now!”

Blood on the Tracks – No.4 (of 5)

“So what’s the point of all this? What are we doing? Well, I thought it would be obvious, right? We’re making money.”

Blood on the Tracks No. 2

I figured if I wanted to shoot back, I may as well join the gang with the best firepower behind it.

Blood on the Tracks No. 3

So how exactly does one end up in the situation? How does a fine, upstanding citizen become a career criminal? Little by little, one step at a time.

The Homecoming King

A man goes back to his home town to clean up the streets.


London, England, the mid-sixties. In what appears to have been a murder attempt, Britain’s greatest pop sensation ‘Vic Vox’ has been left just a foot tall – the effects of the ‘shrink drug’ administered by assailants unknown. Detective Chief Inspector Ladyshoe and his team at Scotland Yard are out to find out who did it … and why!

Felony Comics #3

All new crime comics featuring new stories by Ben Passmore and Brigid Deacon and continuations of “The Red Swan” by Pete Toms and Harris Smith and “Poor Little Dum Dum” by Thomas Slattery and Harris Smith.  Plus pin-ups by Michel Fiffe (Copra) and Amy Searles.  Cover by Josh Burggraf.  Action packed from first feverish page More Info »

The Rebel Gun

A desperate criminal resorts to extreme measures when he attempts to eliminate the competition of an expanding drug operation that’s crippling the city. Armed only with a gun and balaclava, he quickly attracts unwanted attention and is forced to face consequences he never anticipated. The Rebel Gun is 24 page full color crime comic.

Snow Daze Issue 1: Work for the Weary

This is the first chapter in our multicultural experiment in noire storytelling through the lens of adolescence.

Iron Bound

Iron Bound is a gritty, authentic account of street gangs and life in the margins of Newark, New Jersey’s Ironbound district at the start of the 60’s, with all of the elements of a noir mystery and a crime drama. This edition of Ironbound comes complete with a flexi-disc record of music written and recorded by More Info »