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Kitten Construction Company

Construction has never been cuter than in this graphic novel for very young readers! Can you be too cute for your own good? Sadly, the answer is yes. In a world where kittens and humans coexist, several talented kittens with skills in architecture, construction, engineering, and plumbing have discovered that nobody will take them seriously More Info »

Help!! Ghost

Chronicles of a people pleaser ghost who lives in a lighthouse


Disturbingly \”Kawaii,\”* Hello Blob is a strange, little satire on a certain well-known Japanese kitty. *Japanese for \”cute.\” Full Color 28 Pages 51 Illustrations Contemporary Fashion & Period Clothing Strange But Cute Printed in USA 8.5 by 5.5 Inches Landscape Orientation 80 Pound Gloss Text Paper Gloss Cover Perfect Binding For more information about G. E. Gallas, please More Info »

Tales from Aeaea 2

\\\”Tales from Aeaea 2\\\” continues the stories of your favorite characters from the magical island of Aeaea in an exciting new chapter by Andrea Kalfas.

Rare Drops: The Rough \’n\’ Tough Rinth

The Rough \’n\’ Tough Labyrinth has a legendary treasure that can only be earned by someone who is truly strong. Arya and Lucio want that treasure, but how far is Arya willing to go to earn it?

Hello Blob

Disturbingly “kawaii,” Hello Blob is a strange, little satire on a certain well-known Japanese kitty. This is an 8-page zine of full-color cuteness.

Sea Legs, the Walkabout Trout #1

This is the story of a fish with no name and no legs, and how a temp job for a witch changes both of those entirely! 18 pages, black and white, super cute

Donut Lotto

A diorama comic by Cuddles and Rage about the dangerous downsides encountered by Donut after winning the lottery.


16 pages of the downwardly-spiraling friendship between a bar of soap and the man who used him.  You may never shower the same way again.