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“BLOOD ON THE TRACKS is a smart, fast-paced, tough-as-nails crime story that promises thrills, delivers, then promises even more. I’m hooked!”
– Cullen Bunn
(The Damned, Harrow County, Deadpool, The Sixth Gun)

Iron Scars Book 1- The Changeling

Fairies are NOT real. They definitely don’t live in the woods behind your house, make deals with witches, or kidnap little girls. Except sometimes they are. And sometimes they do. “Iron Scars Book 1- The Changeling” collects chapters 1-10 of the DINKy award nominated mini comic series. It is an all-ages comic, and intended to be More Info »

Hardbodies of the Civil War

In a conflict that pitted brother against brother and tore our country apart, a group of muscular titans rose to prominence. These brave men put down their barbells and picked up their rifles to fight for a cause. Today, their six-pack abs and male model good looks are immortalized forever in the volumes of history. More Info »

Weird Me (Vol. 1)

Weird Me (Vol. 1): Once upon a time, I was a moderately successful webmaster of a “Weird Al” Yankovic fan site.

9th Art Ink. Issue Number 4

Indy comics straight out of Brooklyn. Jude Killory presents more short stories. A brother and sister, 2 boxers, a referee, a rag tag bunch of kids, and a drunken memoir round out this issue.

Man is Wolf

An all-new comic about an ape in a lab.

Time F*cker 2

Sal Ghesboro, also known as Time F*cker, finally got it right! When he time f*cked his brother, Dick, out of his life, he never would have imagined things turning out so well! He is happily married to the love of his life, the absolutely lovely Sally Lever! The bliss is fleeting, however, as Willy hops More Info »


Civilization as we know it perished in a global cataclysm that buried humanity beneath the snows of a generations-long winter.  Spring has finally come. Set in the American Southwest, Kindling chronicles a group of survivors as they contend with the dangers of the new world and endeavor to rebuild. 130 pages, 15 page full color More Info »


Santaconda tells the slithery tale of a long-forgotten Christmastime terror.  While Santa Claus aims to reward boys and girls for good behavior, Santaconda takes careful note of each misstep all for his sinister, hunger-fueled plan.  20 pages, full color.

Bezoar 2

BEZOAR 2 is the sequel to the monstrous mini-comic anthology out of Athens, GA that debuted at SPX in 2012.  This issue contains stories by Patrick Dean, Drew Weing, Michele Chidester, David Mack, Joey Weiser, and Lee Gatlin.  The cover features 8 sticker-masks uniquely arranged on each copy! Within BEZOAR 2 you’ll read monster stories More Info »