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Exit Archaeology

Exit Archaeology is a 48-page diary of working on a dig in Greece in 2017.  The comic chronicles daily life on an excavation in Greece: the job of drawing amphora fragments, avoiding dogs while running, swimming with jellyfish, what other people are having for breakfast, and the question of whether I will go back to this More Info »

Forever and Everything #2

Partially true stories from the life of New Orleans based artist Kyle Bravo.

Today Nothing Happened Vol 4: Colt of Personality

The fourth and final volume of Today Nothing Happened, a series of completely-true journal comics about the life of D&D geek/aspiring webcomicker Shazzbaa and her friends, as seen through the creator’s hilariously rose-tinted glasses. (This volume in particular also includes her brother discovering the wonder and magic of My Little Pony). This book covers the More Info »