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Kevin Budnik’s recent diary comic series Epilogue is about social anxiety, working in the service industry, and searching for ways to deal with the directionless feelings of a person in their mid-twenties. The newest issue of Epilogue, a series which Kevin began drawing and serializing online in Januray 2015, as well as all previous issues More Info »

Handbook Chapter Two

Handbook is a six-chapter journal comic by Kevin Budnik about his personal struggle with disordered eating. The writing is derived from notes and things Kevin experienced during outpatient therapy, juxtaposed with present day, post “recovery” life. Chapter One of Handbook debuted at SPX last fall. This is a continuation of the series. Rob Clough, on More Info »

The Collected JURNCOMX: You Gotta Run or You’ll Die.

20 pages of short gag-like journal comics drawn by Paul Cleland Smith

Today Nothing Happened Vol 4: Colt of Personality

The fourth and final volume of Today Nothing Happened, a series of completely-true journal comics about the life of D&D geek/aspiring webcomicker Shazzbaa and her friends, as seen through the creator’s hilariously rose-tinted glasses. (This volume in particular also includes her brother discovering the wonder and magic of My Little Pony). This book covers the More Info »