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“A sick bastard. Big as an orc, and dumb as one. Now th- HORK!”

The Baby Book of Baby Dragons

A full colour illustration collection of a wide array of young dragons, with short descriptions covering their many differences. Every baby dragon is unique, but they will all grow up to be fearsome predators. This book is 5×5″ and over 20 pages. Cover art may not be final.

Witches, Dragons, Magic, & Cats

Witches, Dragons, Magic, & Cats is a collection of three short stories: The Witches’ Daughters, a fairytale about forgiveness; Familiar, a magical girl story about hope; and Mending, a story about rebuilding.  All three stories also feature witches, dragons, magic, and/or cats. 👍 28 pages, color cover and greyscale interior.


Edith Nesbit’s THE BOOK OF DRAGONS has been a fondly remembered children’s book for several generations. .. A global team of writers and artists have brought her stories to life to recapture the whimsy and adventure of her original collection for a new century.

Ode: Chapter 1

Magic is fading, and the world is changing. Some, however, still fight for the Old Ways. These are the kinds of heroes with stories that live on. This is their Ode. A watercolor comic in full color on very snazzy paper, 6.625″ x 10.25,” 32 Pages Limited First Edition run of 50 Each book is More Info »