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Snow Daze: The Mientras Collection, Volume 1

All the fun, humor, and action of the Snow Daze: Mientras webcomic is in beautiful print form for the first time in this special Exclusive SPX edition!

Dust Bunny

“Dust Bunny” follows the crime-fighting rabbit and his resilient partner, Mite, as they embark on an investigation to discover who is issuing burn notices throughout Basement City. Black and white, 180 pages.

Myst The Book of Atrus – A Graphic Novel

Alone in the middle of a vast desert, Atrus lives a simple life with his grandmother. She excites him with stories about the D’ni, a great civilization that collapsed long ago. Atrus longs to know more about the D’ni, and his own past, than his grandmother will say. When a visitor enters their world and More Info »

Long Division

A story of a college student before, during and after a mental breakdown, told in fragments of her memory. Parts One and Two each 40 B&W pages with screen-printed covers.

Love, Currently

Rio Aubry Taylor presents the first volume of his ongoing graphic novel, Love, Currently. Originally featured in the fine arts magazine Au Courant, this collection brings together the first eight installments of the story of Lan Zhibran and the emotional turmoil he experiences when his college aged daughter dies of a terminal illness. Emotionally moving and visually More Info »

Brainstorm Anthology

A savage barbarian. An evil corporation. A pair of orphans. An eldritch elder god. And a hardboiled detective with a taste for cosmopolitans. They’re all part of BRAINSTORM, a 32-page collection of comics by cartoonist, Aodhan Cummings. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll scratch your head in utter confusion! Whatever reaction you have to these six stories, More Info »