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The Hermit

In 18th-century Britain, wealthy aristocrats would pass the time and show off to their friends by surrounding their palatial country estates with contemplative architectural monuments. One such structure was the hermitage… …complete with an actual hermit living in it. Narrated by real-life historians Colin Fanning and Gordon Campbell, The Hermit is a comical take on one of More Info »

Heart Farts

An anthology of short works about creativity, teaching, and pets!

Behold, The Dinosaurs!

Can you name 101 dinosaurs off the top of your head? Do you know which of them came first? Which was the first to go? Who was the tallest? How about the longest? The smallest? Fastest? Prettiest? Sleepiest? Dustin Harbin revisits the most awe-inspiring Dinos to roam the earth in a beautifully illustrated book that unravels More Info »

The Baddest Kid in Sixth Grade

The Baddest Kid in Sixth Grade confounds the line of education and entertainment by merging comprehension with maturity on the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade levels. J. Walker knew that the typical book would not suffice in aiding teachers in their quest of making their students more literate. She used what she learned while tutoring More Info »