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Milch Vol. 1

Mini gay erotica sketchbook. -7 B/W sketches ; colored paper cover -5.5×8.5 inches Available @ Table D4  

Spacejinx: Volume 3

After space cadet Benedict Young and his obnoxious roommate thought they had adjusted to life with a sexbot, their training took a new turn for excitement with a real assignment! After that turned out to be a bust in the last volume of Spacejinx, they’re off to another mission–exploring a mysterious planet! Fortunately for them, it means some alone time together…provided they can avoid trouble!

Egg Sandwich

Come for laughs and sexy rivalry as Genos and Sonic share a boyfriend (the strongest man in the universe) – a One Punch Man porn fan comic

Queerotica: A Comics Anthology

From the moment we imagined an anthology of queer erotic comics we were faced with a slew of important questions. First and foremost: what does the word “queer” even mean? And what, for that matter, is “erotica”? In a sense, both “Queer and “Erotica” are terms of creativity, innovation, and passion. They are about creating More Info »

Alien Erotica

5.5×7″ 14-page B&W /fullcolor cover on heavy stock. By Jennifer Bloomer and Mark Rudolph. Based on a series of “tweets” by improv perfomer, Jenny Bloomer and adapted into a 14 page comic about a “fictional” alien encounter that doesn’t quite go as planned.