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A dark retelling of the Cinderella story.

Iron Scars vol 5

Fairies are NOT real. They definitely don’t live in the woods behind your house, make deals with witches, or kidnap little girls. Except sometimes they are. And sometimes they do. “Iron Scars vol 5” pciks up where Book 1  of the DINKy award nominated mini comic series left off, with sisters Tyee and Louise travelling to More Info »

Fauna Fairest: Issue #01 (Special SPX Edition)

Debuting at SPX 2016 is the first printed issue of Fauna Fairest, a colorful fantasy adventure about a girl made from magic, a battle between godlike princesses, and a perilous journey across a land twisted by a powerful curse. The story begins with a young girl named Fennela as she seeks out the help of More Info »

The Creators: Chapter 2

The Creators world explores a wave in evolution that causes a small population of young people to gain the ability to bring their imaginations to life via their drawings and the horrific ramifications of that power. CHAPTER 2:  In an effort to ease the trauma of violently losing her parents, young creator, Maya Esin has More Info »