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Fauna Fairest: Issue #02

“There’s so much I want to show you, Fauna… If only I knew where to begin…”

Fauna Fairest: Issue #01

“You should really learn to be more careful… Little Fauna.”

Sand: The Tale of Luc and San

Sand: The Tale of Luc and San is a 24 page, creation-myth comic about two sibling deities and a planet named Sand born out of their conflict. Written by Alex Lupp. Art by Jade Feng Lee. It begins with an unanswerable question, a moment of light dispelling darkness and birthing life. Behemoths, Beacons, and Feys, More Info »

Adventuring Princesses Vol 1 No 1: the Adventure Begins!

Our story begins where Vol 1 left us: After escaping her father and brother of the Dark Crescent, Alva has finally reached the Castle of Robles where she has been called to wake the Princess Dara who, despite her seemingly peaceful slumber, has been traipsing through ethereal realms. Join us as Alva sees her ancestral More Info »

If The Shoe Fits

What happens when a shy young man and a serious prince with little time for love – the most unlikely of couples – are brought together through the antics of a meddlesome older brother and a nippy peacock? You get If The Shoe Fits – an imaginative retelling of the Cinderella story created by writer/artist More Info »

The Snapdragon Queen

The Snapdragon Queen is a fairy tale about mysterious forces, malevolent courtiers, and a very brave ruler.  Set in an idyllic nation in a distant past, it plumbs nature’s power and the force of human will.  (And the joys and perils of gardening!)  Written in timeless verse, it’s a story to savor again and again. More Info »