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Get Over It

A city cyclist stumbles upon and is recruited by an experimental lab that turns psychological trauma into monsters than can be fought hand-to-hand.

A Brief History of Crutonia

Today, Crutonian society is led by a stable royal government and is relatively peaceful and profitable. However, this tranquility was grown from a foundation of a war-torn and tenuous past. Here, you will find the tale of how Crutonia grew from this volatile time into a great civilization.

Meadow 2

(Please note, not necessary to have read Meadow 1 first, works as stand-alone) Sport is a 15 year old girl, living in a low-key, post-apocalyptic world when she meets an mummified sorcerer named Zombi. A tale about the end of the world, what happens when people seek power in exchange for humanity, and whether or More Info »

Solanaceae – Chapter 1

Sal, a thief, concocts a get rich quick scheme to try and make Battam, a witch, fall in love with him. But upon learning more about his seemingly stupid target, Sal starts experiencing feelings he’s never had before and must make a decision between money or love.

Sacrimony: A Tale of Love, Life and Death – In No Particular Order (Chapter 1)

Set in a colorful, unique and diverse fantasy world, Sacrimony is the tale of a strange looking teenage girl named Khajad who has no memory of her past or why she has magical powers. Her mother, Yunika, tries to keep her origin a secret by finding clever ways to deflect and ignore her questions while More Info »

Queer Kids Camp: Under the Earth

While camping in the Pacific Northwest, Reese, a non-binary teenager and their sister, Jamie, a trans girl fall through a lake and get separated in a sentient forest created by beings from below the earth’s crust. To be reunited the siblings must overcome trials within the crystal maze. QKC: Under the Earth is a sci-fi More Info »

Runewriters: Experiencing Tentacle Difficulties, Chapter 4

Runewriters is a fantasy comic about a deaf girl trying to help her shapechanger friend fix an embarrassing magical mistake! This 82-page book includes the full-colour fourth chapter of the story, in which they stop at an inn that may or may not be haunted by eldritch ghosts (I’m sure it’s fine), as well as More Info »

Aphrodite’s Pavilion

18+ only!

When Silas and Theron are sent on a risky errand for the goddess Artemis, their arrogance proves to be their downfall.

Fuzzbuquet #2

An all-ages dark fantasy story about a monster with a big heart and a small brain. See him confront his most deadly foes yet- cupcakes!