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Sand: The Tale of Luc and San

Sand: The Tale of Luc and San is a 24 page, creation-myth comic about two sibling deities and a planet named Sand born out of their conflict. Written by Alex Lupp. Art by Jade Feng Lee. It begins with an unanswerable question, a moment of light dispelling darkness and birthing life. Behemoths, Beacons, and Feys, More Info »

Eidoughlons: A Field Guide For The Aspiring Dumplingmancer

A fictional field guide of various dumplings and dough products transformed into magical creatures. Inspired by the author’s Chinese-American family food culture and her childhood obsession with cute monster video games, “Eidoughlons” crafts a fantasy world in which the edible and enchanting intertwine. 20 Pages, Full Color, Ink and Watercolor Illustrations.

My Own Temple

A father and son, a mentor and a pupil.

Fire on High

In this new fantasy comic series, Eva, a wide-eyed adventurer with a heart of gold, teams up with Glint, a dungeon-diving curmudgeon with a long career and a short fuse. Together, they meet up with awesome allies, strange creatures, and may even learn the origin of Eva’s secret and dark powers. It’s a blend of More Info »

The Herder Witch

Magical high-fantasy about diasporic Witches in a foreign land being loved and othered in the land they live in.

The Plight of Magalia

After earning her degree in Mouse Magic at Myomorpha, Tearance (aka Tear), moves to the small suburb of Magalia to look for employment. She secures a spot at Wiskermancer, a co-op working space with a storefront. Things are looking up for Tear until one day when a driving lesson goes awry and Tear falls to More Info »

Reptile Museum #6 (Preview)

Reptile Museum #6. Preview and pre-order. The last chapter in volume 1 of this post-post-apocalyptic saga. Revelations. 32 pages. b/w. 5.5″ x 8.5″


Hannah Sterling can change into a bird. Or at least, she could until this past summer. When the Sickness takes away her shapeshifting ability, Hannah finds herself grounded—maybe for good. But there’s no time to worry about that. Life in Jessup, Oklahoma has started heading south, fast. A student is killed, a biker gang is More Info »

The Raven Mocker

Winter has arrived in Jessup, Oklahoma. The cold weather means a long line of sick shapeshifters, and sixteen-year-old healer Jack Corbin is running himself ragged trying to keep up. But curing the common cold is quickly becoming the least of his worries. Money is tight, the Corbin trailer home is freezing, and Jack can barely More Info »

Devil’s Den

Something is in the air in Jessup, Oklahoma. Part of it is definitely springtime. The days are warming up, Aunt Tulia has a new beau, and the church’s Spring Cleaning Clothing Drive is going strong. And if Hannah Sterling and Jack Corbin are spending a little less time on homework and a little more time More Info »