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Pepperonccini’s ink illustrations compiled in this zine on witchy fashion and cats. Illustrations and short comics about a witch that rescues too many familiar cats.


\”Chris Gooch twists the knife in the gap between persona and self… Bottled is a slow burn of a comic where the betrayals and the dread cut deep.\” — Katie Skelly, author ofNurse Nurse and My Pretty Vampire What are friends for? Jane is sick of her dead-end life in the suburbs and desperate for a change. Her old schoolmate More Info »


The year is 109,069 A.D. – humanity lives on monstrous behemoths called the “GIANTESE.” They are the proverbial islands that hold our very society and culture together, but how long can this last? Are we in a decline currently? What’s the fashion like right now? My colleagues and I ask these very questions! Will you More Info »

Classic Hollywood Colouring Book

Seven classic Hollywood stars all for your colouring pleasure with a six colour silkscreened cover handmade by the artist.


Collecting visions of future fashions from artists Coleman Engle, John Lisle and Nick Sumida.  A deluge of pre-tribal-mall-witch, post-rave-slumber-party designscapes for fans of sci fi clothing. Letter sized, 2 color risograph printed.