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Silver Wire

6.5”w x 9” h 32 pages including covers Color throughout This book is the produce of Kriota’s artists residency at the New York Academy of Medicine Library. It includes a graphic memoir, images of embroidery she made based on historical medical illustrations, and notes and citations of her research from the Academy’s Historical Collection. Kriota, More Info »

The Adventures of Super-Madame

Super Madame is the heroine of a series of adventures where she has to defend her integrity (and that of her pairs) with her super sensual powers. Super Madame is never alone in her struggle. Fadwoman, Super-Dude, and many others join her in a struggle against the powerful privileges that give strength to villains such More Info »

Teenage Rebels: Stories of Successful High School Activists From the Little Rock 9 to the Class of Tomorrow

Teenage Rebels provides a glimpse into the laws, policies, and political struggles that have shaped the lives of American high school students over the last one hundred years. Through dozens of case studies, Dawson Barrett recounts the strikes, marches, and picket lines of teens all over the U.S. as they demand better textbooks, start recycling More Info »

Manspressions: Decoding Men’s Behavior

Manologue: A man is talking. Resistance is futile. Manversation: Two men are talking, nobody is listening.

Adventuring Princesses Vol 1 No 1: the Adventure Begins!

Our story begins where Vol 1 left us: After escaping her father and brother of the Dark Crescent, Alva has finally reached the Castle of Robles where she has been called to wake the Princess Dara who, despite her seemingly peaceful slumber, has been traipsing through ethereal realms. Join us as Alva sees her ancestral More Info »

Adventuring Princesses Vol 1 No 1: the Adventure Begins!

Adventuring Princesses Vol 1 No 1 picks up where Volume 0 ended as Princess Alva, after escaping the Dark Crescent, approaches the Castle of Robles to wake the Princess Dara who has been traipsing through ethereal realms while appearing to be in a peaceful slumber. The princesses are destined to save their kingdom from the More Info »

Why are you still doing it wrong?

The 3rd collection of journal comics dealing with the day to day sexism and real tales of feminist horror. 30 pgs of thoughts on rape culture and other sketchiness.